Lead your team efficiently with scheduling that takes care of itself

Make sure that you always have the right person in the right place, at the right time, with TimeplanGo's scheduling softwareYou get access to the automated staffing schedule and scheduling templates that streamline your operation while saving you money, freeing up time, and eliminating errors.  

TimeplanGo will help you with your planning

Automated functions that consider forecasts, competence, training/working hour regulations and employment agreements make it easier to gather all details in one place. TimeplanGo helps you to organise your staffing schedule and simplifies everyday life for you as administrator, ultimately meaning your employees are happy with their schedules.  
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With TimeplanGo you will always have the right person in the right place, at the right time.

Optimise staffing 

Creating a staffing schedule that keeps all employees happy is not an easy task, and once the schedule is in place (often after a lot of work and tweaking), you need to manage things like changes in shifts, absence and leave. With TimeplanGo you can use our handy drag-and-drop function to plan your schedules and get a clear overview of how your employees work to agreed or scheduled hours.  

Clear overview in the short and long term perspective

We believe that a clear schedule overview is one of the most important tools for efficient human resource management. TimeplanGo gives clear overviews of all your schedules. It makes it easy for you to compare schedules and staff, while having full control of your personnel costs in relation to each employee's schedule.  

Integrate your scheduling and time reporting 

Follow up your employees' scheduled hours with the hours actually worked, by integrating scheduling and time reporting directly into TimeplanGo. This will give you clearer insight into how employees clock in and out and into possible deviations, allowing you to handle absence, illness, compensatory time, flexitime, inconvenient hours etc. effectively 

Shift changes directly in the Timeplan app 

Do you have an unmanned work shift that you need to fill? You can send shift requests to employees quickly and easily via the Timeplan app at organisational, team or personal level. Employees can then respond directly in the app.   


For whom?

Are you a whizz at scheduling but find it difficult to create a good overview of your company? Does it take too long to set up unmanned work shifts or to communicate with employees? With TimeplanGo, you can prepare create optimal schedules for your team – quickly, smoothly and easily, and the smart features built into the system improve working conditions for everyone at the company.  

Challenges you face in everyday life:

  • You have difficulty creating clear and accessible schedules.   
  • It is hard to find staff for unmanned shifts.  
  • You do not have an overview of the staff schedules and work shifts.  
  • It is difficult to check whether your staffing level is correct for the demand.  

How TimeplanGo can resolve these challenges for you:

  • Different schedule views clearly show your staffing. 
  • Connect scheduling to our digital clocking. 
  • Create a schedule template to automate your scheduling.  
  • Send shift requests to employees directly through the app.  

TimeplanGo makes your scheduling easier

Staff manager
CEOs and owners
Payroll managers and CFOs
HR managers

Staff manager

We know that as staff manager you spend a lot of time planning your employees' working days to prepare a schedule that meets you company’s needs.  

With TimeplanGo, you can focus on your leadership and the work that boosts your company’s growth, and let our system do the scheduling. This way, you are guaranteed to have more satisfied employees and greater efficiency in your daily work.  

CEOs and owners

As owner or CEO, you have a great responsibility for the company. You need to be able to make quick decisions, produce results and build trust and confidence among your employees.  

TimeplanGo is currently used by over 50,000 employees and you are making is an investment in a human resource management system that contributes to more committed, satisfied and loyal employees. The system makes it easy for the entire team to achieve more efficient scheduling and time reporting, while getting a good overview of the entire company – from planning to outcome. 

Payroll managers and CFOs

It is quite common for payroll processes to be unnecessarily slow and cumbersome. With a large number of people involved, it can be difficult to create a clear overview and streamline the process.  

TimeplanGo gives those who work with the company's payroll process access to all the information they need to ensure that all employees receive their right salary at the end of the month. You can also communicate with managers and employees about any deviations and authorisations directly in the system, thereby further streamlining the payroll process.  

HR managers

As HR manager, you have the ultimate responsibility for the HR function, i.e. the processes, procedures and tools associated with Human Resource matters. You also provide support to managers and employees in their everyday working lives with consensus, business development, change management and internal transformation.  


With over 15 years of experience in business planning, we have developed report modules that give you a central overview and mean that it is always possible for different employees with different needs to get relevant information from HR. 

50,000 managers and employees use TimeplanGo on a daily basis.

TimeplanGo currently has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 in Apple Store and Google Play.  

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Optimised scheduling saves Sportrehab 50 hours a month

When Sportrehab needed a stable human resource management system that could help them get a better overview and better control of both schedule and times, they opted for Timeplan. Learn how we help them save both time and money through optimised scheduling and more efficient human resource management.  

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