Your needs are ever changing. With TimeplanGo you won't have to change software when you grow

For whom?

TimeplanGo is for small business owners and organisations with a lot of hourly employeesIt is perfect for those of you who need a smart scheduling and time reporting solution that saves time, allowing you to focus on your companies. Also for those of you who need a flexible workforce management system that can be upgraded as your company grows and develops.  

Staff managers

As a staff manager, you can use TimeplanGo to keep track of employees' employment agreements. You get support and automatic reminders for important events, and thanks to smart and user-friendly features you can automate both your scheduling and your time reporting.  

CEOs and owners

Keep track of important data, forecast costs and do the financial follow-up directly in your workforce management system. TimeplanGo gathers all HR data in one place to make it easy for you as CEO to get a clear structure in place and to delegate tasks when you do not have time for workforce management anymore. 

Payroll managers and CFOs

Streamline payroll management through automation, view personnel cost forecasts, and verify that payroll is calculated correctly. TimeplanGo facilitates your work by allowing you to gather everything associated with payroll and finances in one place.  

HR managers

In TimeplanGo, changes to employment agreements are saved automatically and the history is easy to follow. You can also save all documentation related to your work and easily manage and follow up everything from sick leaves and absences to competence development. This way, you ensure that employees receive the support they need from you as HR manager.  

Who are we?

Since 2006, we have been helping companies simplify their workforce management. Based on the needs of hundreds of customers and over 50,000 users, we know what it takes to make day-to-day operations and workforce management easier for team leaders and employees alike. Combined with more than 15 years of experience in business development, we have created a workforce management system that makes your everyday life easy and your employees more secure at work.  

A simple solution to time consuming problems

A common problem today is that companies with only a few employees cannot bear the cost of an expensive workforce management system. Instead, they opt for inefficient solutions like Excel files or report the time with paper and pen. As their company grows, so do the inconveniences associated with the manual processes. Unnecessarily much time is spent on workforce management – time that could be spent on helping the company grow.  

TimeplanGo has been developed with a focus on tackling the small business owner's daily challenges – to be able to offer a solution for smooth and cost-effective workforce management, while at the same time allowing easy system upgrade as the company grows. 

With TimeplanGo, you can get started with digital workforce management in the matter of a few minutes. When you need more advanced features such as automatic payroll calculation based on your collective agreement, adding new tools is merely a click away.  

How to streamline your workplace with TimeplanGo

  • Shift requests directly in the Timeplan app instead of by calls and emails.  
  • Easy department swapping – clocking without a work shift. 
  • Break planning built directly into the scheduling system.  
  • Automated features help you get staff with the right skills in the right place.  
  • Manage leave applications and deviations from the schedule directly in TimeplanGo.  
  • Prepare budget and key figures for the financial forecast.  
  • Sign employment agreements digitally using BankID.  
  • Personnel ledger and attendance list in TimeplanGo's digital punch clock.  
  • Punch clock with GPS and Wi-Fi control.  
  • Automatic payroll calculations according to your collective agreement.  
  • Communicate with employees via the Timeplan app.  
  • Transparent reports so that you have full control over workforce management.  

Get started with TimeplanGo!

Free forever workforce management!

Digitise your workforce management with completely free scheduling and time reporting. 

Using TimeplanGo will free up valuable time that you can spend on more rewarding tasks than manually updating excel-sheets or figuring out your staffing needs.