Automate your time reporting with TimeplanGo's digital punch clock

TimeplanGo's digital time clock eliminates the uncertainty of time reporting while saving time, reducing stress and making your work more efficient. You can create a free account and access smart features that simplify your everyday life and improve your human resource management in just a few minutes 

Spend less time on workforce management

TimeplanGo's punch clock is designed to make your human resource management easier and more efficient. Smart features like in-app shift requests, automatically synchronised schedules facilitate workforce management, while minimising the margin of error in employee timesheets.  
digital punch clock

Minimise manual work in your time reporting routine

Digital punch clock with GPS positioning & Wi-Fi locking 

With TimeplanGo's digital punch clock, employees get access to the Timeplan app, which they can use on their telephone and computer to clock in and out from their shifts. As administrator, you can also use the built-in GPS positioning and Wi-Fi locking to increase security and control how, when and where employees register their hours. GPS positioning stores the GPS location of where the clocking took place and with Wi-Fi locking, employees need to be connected to the company's Wi-Fi in order to be able to report their hours 

Time reporting that eliminates errors 

Do you need or use a punch clock in your premises? TimeplanGo software is easily installed on a tablet or other hardware. At login, you can choose between radio-frequency identification (RFID), fingerprint reading and employment code.  

Automated payroll management (coming soon)

Connect TimeplanGo's punch clock to your payroll system to streamline payroll management. Thanks to the integration in TimeplanGoyou can transfer schedules and time reports to your payroll system. Is there a collective agreement? If so, TimeplanGo can also make all your salary calculations for you – completely automatically. Salaries are calculated and transferred to the payroll system with just a few taps.  

For whom?

Are employee timesheets often incorrect? Are they often submitted after the deadline, preventing effective human resource management? TimeplanGo's digital time clock and time reporting system make the working days of everyone - managers, finance managers, HR and employees  much easier 

Challenges you face every day:

  • You do not have a good overview of employee timesheets.  
  • It is not clear whether the employee's timesheets are correct or whether there are deviations.  
  • Manual time reporting is time-consuming for both employees and managers.  
  • You have an old punch clock that lacks flexibility and has no option for changing schedules and work shifts. 
  • Your punch clock lacks a user-friendly interface that supports retroactive changes and time reporting. 

Here is how TimeplanGo resolves these challenges for you:

  • TimeplanGo’s punch clock and time reporting system give you clear reports and simple authorisation overview.  
  • The punch clock synchronises employee schedules automatically and in real time.  
  • As manager, you only need to clear deviations from the schedule. If the employee clocks in or out close to the schedule, no authorisation is required.  
  • Clocking without work shifts – with TimeplanGo, employees can clock both breaks and department swaps.  
  • TimeplanGo's system is user-friendly and timesheets and schedules are easy to edit.  

How TimeplanGo's punch clock facilitates your work

Staff manager
CEOs and owners
Payroll managers and CFOs
HR managers

Staff manager

Your work as manager is streamlined because TimeplanGo's punch clock automatically records employee timesheets, while minimising manual work. This gives you a clear overview of employee timesheets, helping you to handle any deviations.  

CEOs and owners

As owner or CEO, you have great responsibility for the company. You need to be able to make quick decisions, build trust and confidence among your employees, while at the same time producing results. For example, if you have ten employees, whose time reporting deviates by 5 minutes each day, and whose hourly cost is £15 per hour, the deviations will cost the company £3000 over the year. The bottom line is that a few minutes can make an enormous difference to the annual results. With TimeplanGo, you can keep better track of employee hours and get a clearer overview of reported events.  

Payroll managers and CFOs

Accuracy and timeliness of timesheets make your life as payroll manager much easier. Payroll management becomes more efficient and you can devote your efforts to the more important aspects of your work, instead of following up incorrect timesheets with employees and managers.  

With TimeplanGo, you no longer need to contact the manager to ask questions or to process incorrect timesheets. Instead, they can add comments during authorisation, so you do not have to email back and forth to resolve the deviations. As a payroll manager or CFO, you also receive excellent support when preparing your payroll. In TimeplanGo, you can transfer schedules and timesheets to the payroll system completely automatically and if you have collective agreements, TimeplanGo can also handle all your salary calculations for you.  

HR managers

As HR manager, you have the ultimate responsibility for HR-related processes, procedures and tools while providing support to both managers and employees in their everyday work.   

When all employees use a punch clock and the same time reporting process, you avoid unnecessary discussions and misunderstanding about time reporting. With the time clock, all employees know that their timesheets are calculated at the end of the day in the same way.  

50,000 managers and employees use TimeplanGo on a daily basis.

TimeplanGo currently has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 in Apple Store and Google Play.  

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More reliable time reporting increases employee engagement

When the Swedish Hotel 'Gröna Stugan' decided that it was time to leave their Excel documents and personnel ledger behind and find a more efficient way to manage scheduling and time reporting, they chose Timeplan. Discover how we not only help them streamline workforce management, but also contribute to а higher level of employee engagement 

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