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Dont let workforce management stand in the way of your and your employees' efficiency at workTimeplanGo's digital WFM system minimises administration for you, allowing you to focus on leading your team and growing your company.  

Automate your scheduling process

The automation tools available to you in TimeplanGo will make your scheduling more efficient than ever. Our smart scheduling software helps you organise your resource planning and ultimately increases employees’ satisfaction with their schedules.  

  • Make changes and update the schedule easily. 
  • Track and manage your manpower needs. 
  • Create budget and KPI's directly in the system.  
  • Send shift requests to employees through the app.  
  • Keep track of your employees’ weekly working hours.  
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Simplify time reporting

Say goodbye to the analogue staff ledger, Excel sheets and post-it notes – it is time to implement a new, digital time reporting process. In TimeplanGo, employees check in and out of their work shifts from the Timeplan app, and to increase efficiency even more, your schedules can be synchronised with the punch clock – all completely automatically.  

  • Check in and out directly on your mobile telephone. 
  • No need to interpret handwritten timesheets – digitise the entire process.  
  • GPS positioning and Wi-Fi locking for time reporting in the right place.  
  • Synchronise timesheets to employee schedules.   
  • Automatic salary calculation according to your collective agreement.   

Improve payroll efficiency

TimeplanGo connects scheduling, punch clock and time reporting to your payroll system for seamless payroll management. If you have a collective agreement, TimeplanGo can also make the salary calculations for you – with just a few taps, all salaries are calculated and transferred to the payroll system. 

  • Clear overview and export of timesheets to the payroll system.  
  • Deviations are automatically included in the salary calculation. 
  • Integrations to UK payroll software is coming soon
  • Automatic salary calculation according to collective agreements and timesheets.  
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Take full control of your workforce management in just 3 minutes

Start the digitisation of your scheduling and time reporting with TimeplanGo in just a few minutes. Read more about the various functions in TimeplanGo and register your free account today.  

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The system is modern, offers great functionality, is very adaptable and has given us a good overview in our scheduling.

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When Sportrehab needed a stable workforce management system that could help them get a better overview and better control of both schedule and times, they opted for Timeplan. Learn how we help them save both time and money through optimised scheduling and more efficient workforce management 

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