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Do you spend too much time on workforce managementTimeplanGo's workforce management system helps you manage all your HR-related tasks, while reducing administrative work by up to 80%.  

Smoother workforce management

Features such as overviews for administrators, digital signing of employment agreements and security functions that can be customised according to your specific needs, mean that workforce management is smooth and efficient for team leaders, CFOs or HR managers. All employees have direct access to TimeplanGo via an app on their mobile phone and computer, which makes it possible to process leave applications, holiday planning and time reporting quickly and easily 
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Workforce management without manual work

Features that makes your life easier

Experience smoother workforce management with functions that make life easier. For example, send your employment agreements to employees for digital signing via BankID. Once the agreement is signed, it is automatically saved and becomes available to the team leader in the employee’s card in TimeplanGo while the employee can access it via the Timeplan app.  

Leave applications and holiday planning 

Receiving leave applications on time is important to organise your operation as neededThe Timeplan app makes it easy for staff to apply for a leave and to see the status of existing applications, while team leaders get a clear overview of all applications received. 

Real time overview of your staff and company

Do you have several companies? Do you work with different departments, teams, geographical locations or shifts? There is nothing strange about that. You can choose how you want to set up your company overview in TimeplanGo's flexible workforce management system, and do it the way that suits you best 

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TimeplanGo facilitates workforce management

Staff manager
CEOs and owners
Payroll manager and CFOs
HR managers

Staff manager

If you have human resource responsibility, TimeplanGo makes the administrative work both simpler and more efficient. In the workforce management system, you simply need to clear deviations and you can automate any payroll calculations using our new calculation engine. 

CEOs and owners

If you are a CEO or owner, TimeplanGo can streamline your work by saving documents, policies etc. and sorting them automatically in the system. This allows you to forecast costs and get a financial follow-up using the information you need, all gathered in one place.  

Payroll manager and CFOs

TimeplanGo can facilitate the work of those working with finances and payroll, by giving the opportunity to have all work-related items in one system. It allows costs and financial plans to be forecast and team leaders to see the same information, directly in TimeplanGo, in order to make payroll management more efficient 

HR managers

As an HR manager, your tasks can be made easier by digitally gathering all documentation in TimeplanGo’s workforce management system. Changes to employment agreements are automatically saved and the history is easy to follow. TimeplanGo also makes employees’ daily lives easier –, they can apply for a leave and see current balances such as hours worked, overtime and holidays in our app 

50,000 team leaders and employees use TimeplanGo on a daily basis

TimeplanGo currently has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 in Apple Store and Google Play.  

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Optimised scheduling saves Sportrehab 50 hours a month

When Sportrehab needed a stable workforce management system that could help them get a better overview and better control of both schedule and times, they opted for Timeplan. Learn how we help them save both time and money through optimised scheduling and more efficient workforce management 

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