How to implement a punch clock while keeping employees satisfied

Making sure that employees are happy is the first step when implementing a punch clock to streamline your organisation.

We've been around for 20 years as a company providing punch clock software and hardware for businesses in Europe and one of the most asked questions we get from prospective customers is how to implement a punch clock without facing backlash from employees. It's a common perception that employees will dislike punching a time clock and that employee engagement and happiness will suffer. 

how to implement a punch clock and keep employees satisfied

While it's very rare that employees actually care that much how they submit their timesheets we've actually seen real cases of employees actively sabotaging our hardware in order to stop the implementation of a punch clock system, from using a knife on the biometric reader to pouring unknown liquids on the machine. 

While these events are rare, there's certainly some steps you can take to make sure that implementing a punch clock will be seamless and actually appreciated by your staff.

A fair amount of employees actually prefer punching their time instead of having to submit time consuming time reports via excel or leaving notes to their boss. The strategies we advise our customers to use when they start using a time clock are:

  1. Communication: Clearly explain the reasoning behind implementing the punch clock, such as compliance with labor laws or accurate timekeeping for payroll.

  2. Make it easy to use: Ensure that the punch clock system is simple to use and does not take up too much of employees' time. Having to spend time navigating complicated software to get the correct time report will 100% irritate employees. 

  3. Provide flexibility: Allow for remote punching or the option to use a mobile device if employees are frequently away from their desks. Having to manually edit time reports frequently is a surefire way to irritation.

  4. Address privacy concerns: Make sure employees understand how the data collected through the punch clock will be used and stored, and ensure that their privacy rights are respected. If using a biometric device such as fingerprint reader you need to explain to your staff that DNA isn't stored, fingerprints aren't stored and that everything is encrypted (make sure your punch clock system follows the necessary privacy and data laws to begin with). 

  5. Avoid micromanaging: Avoid using the punch clock to micromanage employees' time and avoid using it as a tool for disciplinary action. 

  6. Listen to feedback: Encourage employees to provide feedback and address any concerns they may have about the punch clock system.

  7. Show the benefits: Highlight the benefits of the punch clock system, such as accurate timekeeping and streamlined payroll, to help employees see the value in using it.

  8. Reward punctuality: Reward punctuality by giving bonuses to employees who are punctual for a certain number of days. A punch clock system comes with a number of benefits, when you as a manager can easily see who's on time with real data you'll be able to reward employees that show up on time without relying on arbitrary methods.

  9. Show appreciation: Show appreciation for their time and effort, and make sure that employees feel valued and respected. This may be a no-brainer yet it's something many forget. At TimeplanGo we've incorporated many features that'll automatically show appreciation for your employees, sending them automated messages on important days such as birthdays or congratulating them on having a streak of on-time days


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